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My Afghan History

Welcome to my website

My name is Debbie White and I was a small show hobby breeder but I have retired from show ring and I have not bred a litter in a very long time and do not plan to in the future. My love is still for the Afghan Hounds. I have rescued many Afghan Hounds over the last 20 years but at this time I do not plan to retire from Afghan Hound Rescue in 2013. I bought my first Afghan puppy in 1972 when I was just 17 years old and in the 11th grade. I called my new Afghan Hound puppy Topaz and she was brindle in color. I started showing Topaz in 1972 and then later I bought Sandpiper of Troy a black mask blonde male from California. Topaz was shown on and off for several years and was pointed but never liked showing. I retired her to a even better job at home, being my protector, companion, trouble maker and she excelled at all of those jobs. Topaz lived with me for 18 years and I will always remember her with great fondness. I want to dedicate these pages to Topaz and Piper who started my love for Afghans.

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Sita Finished 2 Sita Third Major

First Photo: Mahadi's Smoky Topaz, 1975
Second Photo: Mahadi's Smoky Topaz with owner Debbie, 1973.

Sita Bexar County 4 point major Sita First Major

First Photo: Sandpiper of Troy being shown by breeder Ilene.
Second Photo: Sandpiper of Troy being shown by owner Debbie.

Sita as a Puppy Current Photo Of Sita

First Photo: Ch. Mahadi's Chinah Bone
I bought Ch. Mahadi's Chinah Bone just before he was a finished Champion
for the purpose of Showing, and as a Companion.

Second Photo: Sandpiper of Troy

Sita and James in Waco 2003

Ch. Hatari's Chandani Sita
was awarded Best Of Opposite Sex
at the Dallas Afghan Hound Specialty
under Breeder - Judge Chris Kaiser.

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Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance is the reasonable voice regarding animal issues in Texas. Responsible Pet Owners Alliance is an animal welfare organization, not "animal rights" and, yes, there is a difference. Please check their website for the news in Texas and always stay informed on all animal related issues that will involve any person who owns a pet of any kind. The state of Texas has passed new animal laws and you should stay informed at all times. HB 1451 which is the Dog & Cat Breeder Law was passed by Governor Rick Perry in 2011 and he is running for President.

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Sita trimHatari Afghans-Ch. Hatari's Chandani SitaSita trim 2

Ch. Hatari's Chandani Sita

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